GUDID Barcode Compliance Add-On For SCANALYST 3 Barcode Verifiers


Historically, the SCANALYST family have been traditional barcode verifiers. Today, to meet the needs of the healthcare companies, it is a lot more. It is now more accurately referred to as a medical barcoding compliance tool.This is because barcode compliance no longer means meeting a simple ISO print quality standard.  As an example, UDI means meeting the ISO standard, plus your Issuing Authorities standards and finally making sure your products have a matching entry in the FDA GUDID database.


If you have products that do not satisfy any one of the 3 requirements and

You are a manufacturer, then you have products that are not in compliance with UDI requirements.

You are a distributor, then you have products that are not in compliance with UDI requirements. Your customers can reject these products and be forced to find alternatives.

You are a provider, then you are in possession of a nonconforming product. You may not be able to scan the product safely, or not be able to readily check for expiration dates or for recalls or it may not be registered with the FDA. You could be putting patients at increased risk and/or insurers may not reimburse you.

SCANALYST 3 with the GUDID Add-on does all that analysis for you and maintains records.


The GUDID Barcode Compliance Add-On can be purchased for $395 and upgraded to any of the SCANALYST 3 barcode verifiers.  For a full product listing be sure to Click Here.