Blog – Our History in Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification

AIS’s Involvement

Mid 1970’s – We helped with the “golden turkeys” problem in random weights.  This may have been one of the very first barcode quality issues.

1980’s – Resolved various barcode print quality issues for clients in 1980’s with various printing technologies – inkjet, dot matrix, impact hammer/drum, thermal and thermal transfer

1990 ANSI specs are finally released.  This was long awaited since there were known problems and no published verification standards.  There were actually several competing (and really different!) barcode verifiers on the market already.

1992 – SCANALYST prototype constructed – This prototype, which laid the groundwork for future generations of SCANALYST, was designed to work with Quick Check and RJS Verifier hardware.  The system was designed with retail and manufacturing sectors in mind and provided users with barcode standards training as well as provided onboard barcode standards training and database reporting tool

1993 – SCANALYST becomes a Windows application – With the operating system move came a new highly graphical user interface and an extensive new HELP system.

2003 – AIS reached over 1,500 SCANALYST users all around the world.  SCANALYST was being distributed by verifier manufacturers as wells as resellers.  In total, there were 5 versions available; SCANALYST, SCANALYST Xchange, SCANALYST Lite, SCANAuditor and QCViewer.

2005 – 2D Barcode ISO TAG participation – This was at a time when there were a lot of 2D barcode specs being reviewer.  This included QR code.

 2010 – Partnering with Ohio University’s AIDC center, AIS helped develop the “2D Judge” for inspecting NIST Traceable Calibration Conformance Cards.  The ‘one of kind’ system is the ultimate barcode verifier with extremely high precision.   It is currently being used to produce all of the 2D barcode calibration cards.

2012 – For the first time SCANALYST is integrated into an on-line DPM grading system.  The system marked the large aluminum casting using dot peen and then verified the 2D barcode quality prior to shipping.  This system was developed, designed, built and delivered by AIS.  To date, several million parts in this mission critical manufacturing process have been marked and verified with a very high success rate.

2014 – SCANALYST 3 is released – Sitting on a whole new platform and a completely re-engineered set of hardware, SCANALYST 3 was delivered into a select manufacturing segments.

2015 – Full line of the SCANALYST 3 gets released into all markets.  The line includes SCANALYST 3, SCANALYST 3 – 2D, SCANALYST 3 – Linear and SCANALYST 3 – DPM.

FUTURE – New versions will be released in 2016…………stay tuned!