SCANALYST Bar Code Verification



 The New Standard - Linear, 2D and RFID Verification and Compliance

Easy to use, understandable inspection workstation

  • ANSI/ISO/CEN barcode verification and quality grading

  • Format compliance analysis for applications such as GS1, UDI and UID

  • On board interactive help system for detailed explanations of barcode verification problem areas and corrective measures

  • Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible barcode verification

  Management tool for packaging, process, supply chain and compliance executives

  • Flexible reporting system for the enterprises barcode verification and compliance status

  • Intelligent ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Drill down’ approach helps control and improve performance

  • Can be used portably (for audits, remote sites, clients, warehouses, etc.) and integrated into your ERP system

Standards compliance and barcode verification are not optional. Bar Code Verification The need to verify your barcodes and keep detailed records of your results is critical. SCANALYST™ 2011 is the tool that will answer your compliance needs today. This is too important to not have the right tools to measure it correctly and too complex to expect to do it without the right tools. Quality grading as well as format verification for all AIDC media sets a new standard in tools to help manage this important aspect of your business.

And now it is manageable! Your inspection activity is recorded so it can be referenced, shared and used to not only meet standards but also reduce costs and SCANALYST Barcode Verification improve performance and quality. SCANALYST Scanprofile Reports form the Certifications of Conformance that are easily shared with customers, suppliers, other SCANALYST™ users and standards organizations around the world. 

SCANALYST -The Global Standard for AIDC verification and compliance. 

SCANALYST™ is available in several different configurations:

Linear Upgrade – For existing users that wish to upgrade to an XP, Vista or Windows 7 compatible version as well as have a path to 2D and RFID in the future 

Linear and 2-Dimensional – Full system including software and hardware for linear and 2D barcode verification.Dimensional upgrade – For existing users of SCANALYST™ and SCANALYST™ 2D that would like to upgrade to the new software

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