2D Barcode Verifier – SCANALYST 3 2D


2D Barcode Verifier 


If you are just doing 2D barcodes and want to do it right then the SCANALYST 3 2D barcode verifier is for you.  This 2D version handles all the current popular matrix type barcodes.

  • Wide field of view – Because we are imager based, we can move closer or further away from the target code.  That flexibility allows  you to use SCANALYST 3 to inspect small or large barcodes
  • High resolution – This is the highest resolution verifier available.  That means accuracy.
  • Calibratable to NIST
  • Upgrades – in the field – protects you from obsolescence
    • If you want to add linear capability in the future, SCANALYST 3 2D barcode verifier can be upgraded
    • If a new 2D type becomes popular in the future you will be able to add it
    • If your 2D barcode becomes a DPM (direct parts mark) you can add that feature in the future.  This is probable in some automotive, defense and healthcare applications
  • Reports – SCANALYST 3 goes way beyond the old ‘printouts’.  We generate easy to read comprehensive detailed reports that are meaningful.  They can be printed on a standard printer.
  • EMAIL – The same reports can be emailed to your customers or associates right from the SCANALYST 3 interface.
  • Database – All of the individual ISO parameters plus many other characteristics are stored for your future reference.  This information can be quite useful in developing best practices or choosing the best printing supplies such as labels, ribbons or ink.
  • Imager based -.  SCANALYST 3 takes a high resolution image and does a comprehensive analysis of the barcode in the image.  The image is overlaid with a graphic showing the elements/cells that have been found. That makes it pretty easy to see problems and fix them.
  • Checks barcodes for proper GS1 Datastructures
  • Collaboration – many of the newer 2D barcode applications require that you submit an initial inspection report with an image of your barcode area.  SCANALYST 3 makes that easy.


To view the complete SCANALYST 3 Specifications, Click here.

Price and Availability

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Pricing – $4,650

Our SCANALYST 3 Barcode Verifier is available in many configurations.  Click here for a complete list of available options.