Barcode Verification and Omni-Channel Shopping It is no secret that a lot of retail sales are moving toward online sites. It seems like we will eventually strike some balance between sales thru physical stores and sales thru their online counterparts.  Omni-channel shopping is one of the variants where a customer […]

Blog – Our History in Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification AIS’s Involvement Mid 1970’s – We helped with the “golden turkeys” problem in random weights.  This may have been one of the very first barcode quality issues. 1980’s – Resolved various barcode print quality issues for clients in 1980’s with various printing technologies – inkjet, dot matrix, impact […]

Blog – The Bridge Is Out

The Bridge Is Out And Your Barcode Infrastructure is? I recently read about a bridge in California that was washed out.  The loss of this bridge meant an additional 200 mile a day commute for many was used by 20,000 people each day.  Believe it or not, this made me […]

Blog – If you are printing barcodes…

If you are printing barcodes….. We all see barcodes being scanned almost every day. It has become part of our daily lives. When we see a barcode we automatically assume that it can be scanned, and in fact most can. However, there are many that are ‘bad barcodes’ out there. […]

Blog – Are You Getting Ready For UDI or DQSA?

Are You Getting Ready For UDI or DQSA? (FDA Universal Data Identifier and Drug Quality Security Act) These programs are going to be a great help in meeting healthcare industry challenges and for patient safety. It represents the start of a significant step up in the broad use of information […]