Barcode Verification For UDI and Global Medical Device Labeling Webinar Video

Free Webinar Provides Barcode Verification Education for Medical Device Labeling

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), a leader in barcode verification and compliance, and TEKLYNX, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, announced it will co-present a live free webinar titled Barcode Verification for UDI and Global Medical Device Labeling.

The FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) regulation continues to be a critical aspect of the transition that the medical device community is making in its digital global future. Print quality and content have minimum quality standards set by regulators to ensure the healthcare community goals of patient safety and efficiency are met. Barcode verification plays an important role within this effort as the FDA’s UDI regulation requires medical device labels to have a barcode with a grade C or better to be UDI compliant.

“We’re excited to partner with leading barcode verification provider AIS to educate medical device manufacturers about the importance of barcode verification,” states TEKLYNX Enterprise Product Manager Nick Recht. “It’s another way we help AIDC end users leverage technologies and technology partners to make their companies work better.”

During the webinar, AIS and TEKLYNX will discuss the FDA’s UDI regulation and the important role barcode verification plays in meeting these requirements. Webinar attendees will also learn:

  • Why barcode verification is critical for medical device labeling
  • Why barcode verification is necessary to comply with FDA and EU regulations
  • How barcode verification plays an important role in meeting industry-specific regulations
  • What the components of designing and printing a UDI compliant label include

Nolan will also provide its first-ever live demonstration of SCANALYST 3 GUDID, its barcode verification and compliance solution for UDI labeling. This comprehensive system inspects against print quality minimums, normally referred to as barcode verification, as well as checks barcode data formatting and synchronization with the FDA’s Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID). Nolan says, “This thorough inspection approach will play an important role in UDI implementations for manufacturers, distributors and providers as they prepare their organizations for the future.”

About AIS
AIS, Automatic Identification Systems, is an Ohio incorporated company founded in 1985. The company has been active in standards development, systems integration and software in both barcode and RFID technologies during the past 33 years. AIS’s work around the world led to the induction of Mike Nolan into the AIDC 100, a professional group recognized for their contribution to growth and advancement of the AIDC industry. You can learn more about AIS by visiting or our product page,, for barcode verification and compliance solutions. Phone AIS in the US at 614-431-3300