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About AIS

AIS, Automatic Identification Systems, is an Ohio incorporated company founded in 1985. The company objectives were to support Ohio’s growing need for barcode related equipment and services and to assist clients in obtaining maximum benefits and value from this important information technology. The ensuing years expanded these objectives to include specialized systems integration and software applications development around the world.

Mike Nolan, a principal of the AIS, has over thirty years of experience in the bar code industry. He has been instrumental in the development of bar code printing technologies and in the refinement of some of the bar code symbologies.  His experience in this area and unique knowledge of bar code implementation techniques has led to many successful projects with some of the nation’s largest and most progressive companies.  Mike has been recognized by his peers by being inducted into the AIDC100, a group of barcode and RFID professionals who have significantly contributed to the growth and advancement of the industry.  AIS is the AIDC Subject Matter Expert (SME) for several of the largest, most successful firms in the US.

One of AIS’s early projects led to the development of SCANALYST.  Beginning in 1991 as part of a project for a multinational, consumer products manufacturer SCANALYST was intended to upgrade the quality of their bar code systems as the company moved into new retail markets. What eventually emerged was the Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10) compatible, full featured, PC-based software application available today. By design, SCANALYST can easily be incorporated into your quality programs to:

·         Test current quality

·         Improve and Maintain high print quality levels

·         Compare quality over time, across plants, from vendors, etc. to develop best practices

·         Certify compliance with industry standards

With the expanded use of bar coding throughout the world, it has truly become the global “Language Of Commerce”.  More and more companies need to train an increasing number of personnel in bar code technology to support this growth. Since bar codes are used for many mission-critical applications such as automatic replenishment, EDI, blood banking, etc., carefully printed high quality bar codes are essential for success. Most industries recognize this and have established mandatory minimum print quality levels.  A tool such as SCANALYST is indispensable to insure compliance and to insure best performance.