UDI Barcode Complaince Tool – SCANALYST 3 GUDID Add-On Announced

New Tools For UDI and GUDID Implementation Arrive There has always been a concern that medical device manufacturers would have difficulty meeting the FDA’s UDI challenge (and regulations!) intended to improve our healthcare systems. This is proving true in UDI barcode compliance, the critical link between physical movement and the […]

Barcode Verification For UDI and Global Medical Device Labeling Webinar Video

AIS AND TEKLYNX WEBINAR: BARCODE VERIFICATION FOR UDI AND GLOBAL MEDICAL DEVICE LABELING Free Webinar Provides Barcode Verification Education for Medical Device Labeling Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), a leader in barcode verification and compliance, and TEKLYNX, the world’s leading barcode and RFID labeling software developer and solutions provider, announced it […]

Barcode Costs

Blog – Barcode Costs

Barcode costs Did you ever wonder ‘How much does a bar code cost’? Take a guess.  5 cents? 10 cents? More? Much more? Want a hint?  Think Value! It is on everything. It is one of the technologies given credit for our impressive productivity improvements. And, it is one of […]

Barcodes Comes to Healthcare …… Finally!

I know.  Some find it hard to believe that healthcare does not already use barcode. Thankfully,  now , like your local supermarket did in the 1970’s, healthcare has finally embraced the use of globally standardized barcodes.  This major change comes just in time to help improve patient safety, combat counterfeit […]

Using verifiers to get SQC information – SCANALYST 3

Statistical analysis methods are used to determine if a products quality parameters are acceptable. If you are marking your products with a barcode then the quality of that barcode is measurable and well defined in the ISO standards. All barcodes are described technically in ISO documents. The descriptions include how […]

A Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Most Class 3 and Class 2 medical device manufacturers have now completed the UDI submission process for listing their products in the GUDID, the FDA’s catalog of medical devices. This marks the beginning of a big change in the medical device industry.  There are now over a million medical devices […]

Recalls and traceability

There have been a lot of product recalls in a wide variety of industries over the past decade.  The Samsung recall is a bit different. It is huge and it can really, really hurt someone. Yet, on the surface you would think that it would have been made to be […]

Another example of why healthcare needs a strong barcode culture

Recently a hospital patient in Massachusetts had one of his kidneys surgically removed. The surgery and the loss of a kidney was a mistake and was not necessary.  The patients’ records had been confused with another patients records and the result was the surgery and the unnecessary loss of a […]