Barcodes Comes to Healthcare …… Finally!

I know.  Some find it hard to believe that healthcare does not already use barcode. Thankfully,  now , like your local supermarket did in the 1970’s, healthcare has finally embraced the use of globally standardized barcodes.  This major change comes just in time to help improve patient safety, combat counterfeit drugs and reduce healthcare costs. […]

GMP – How to use thermal transfer printing correctly to comply with labeling requirements

Why you should care In the last few years compliance with supply chain specifications and barcode print quality standards has jumped into the spotlight.  Companies are now aware of the importance as they seek additional productivity and they enter new markets and support new applications. Almost all markets now have their barcodes under quality compliance […]

Using verifiers to get SQC information – SCANALYST 3

Statistical analysis methods are used to determine if a products quality parameters are acceptable. If you are marking your products with a barcode then the quality of that barcode is measurable and well defined in the ISO standards. All barcodes are described technically in ISO documents. The descriptions include how to encode, decode and inspect […]

A Second Chance to Make a Good First Impression

Most Class 3 and Class 2 medical device manufacturers have now completed the UDI submission process for listing their products in the GUDID, the FDA’s catalog of medical devices. This marks the beginning of a big change in the medical device industry.  There are now over a million medical devices listed in the database.  There […]

Recalls and traceability

There have been a lot of product recalls in a wide variety of industries over the past decade.  The Samsung recall is a bit different. It is huge and it can really, really hurt someone. Yet, on the surface you would think that it would have been made to be at least quite limited if […]

Another example of why healthcare needs a strong barcode culture

Recently a hospital patient in Massachusetts had one of his kidneys surgically removed. The surgery and the loss of a kidney was a mistake and was not necessary.  The patients’ records had been confused with another patients records and the result was the surgery and the unnecessary loss of a kidney. The regulators are putting […]

Best Practices – in-process labeling

Best Practices for barcode verification of in-process labeling – some tips 1. If you have a printing system that you can confirm is in good working order and producing ISO grade 2 or better (using an full-ISO verifier) 2. And that you can confirm this particular printing system is ‘in control’ – meaning that there […]

Blog – How to Buy a Barcode Verifier in 2016

How to Buy a Barcode Verifier in 2016 Barcode verification is famous for being complex.  Some of the newer verifiers have done a good job in making it easier and we have tried to make choosing one for your needs easier as well.  This article is intended as a guide to help simplify that decision […]


Barcode Verification and Omni-Channel Shopping It is no secret that a lot of retail sales are moving toward online sites. It seems like we will eventually strike some balance between sales thru physical stores and sales thru their online counterparts.  Omni-channel shopping is one of the variants where a customer will order a product online […]

Blog – Our History in Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification AIS’s Involvement Mid 1970’s – We helped with the “golden turkeys” problem in random weights.  This may have been one of the very first barcode quality issues. 1980’s – Resolved various barcode print quality issues for clients in 1980’s with various printing technologies – inkjet, dot matrix, impact hammer/drum, thermal and thermal transfer […]